Daiwa Steez SV TW 1016SV-HL

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In 2016, after 10 years from the first generation, STEEZ finally enters the second generation.

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We accept the following payment types

The STEEZ bait reel has undergone innovative evolution. Late in the original model, equipped with a revolutionary spool structure · SV mechanism which called a big topic to the world. There is no backlash, ultra-lightweight bay finesse class to big bait and really have a wide range of defense. The material is Φ 34 mm which adopted super lightweight G 1 duralumin, and it demonstrates high strength as well as further high rotation performance. Also equipped with Turnaround TWS on Tatula and NEW Zillion. The large diameter level wind does not disturb the release of the line, and fully demonstrates the far throwing ability and the free fall performance while preventing troubles due to convergence. The state-of-the-art technology boasted by DAIWA Bait Lille fuses here.

Fusion of TWS and SV. Well what kind of big bangs are there?

"TWS + SV is not limited to addition." DAIWA Baitel Reel development engineer says: As I mentioned earlier, troubles are key to any mechanism. SV is lightweight and improves the rotation performance by high precision spool, and at the same time, the braking force is determined appropriately according to the lure to be used. One TWS delivers a line released from the spool to the T type level wind without resistance. Backlash is a trouble that occurs as the levelwind, the resistance source closest to the spool, prevents the line from being discharged, but the spool that gains momentum continues to rotate. It is hard to imagine that a great synergistic effect will be produced by aligning the defense against SV with optimum braking power and TWS with excellent line discharge power. It is a truly groundbreaking mechanism.

Mechanical brake is no longer sufficient with minimum operation. Once equipped with a zero adjuster that does not have to touch again if it is set to such a degree that the backlash does not appear on the spool. It is an air metal body that adopts super light magnesium material and demonstrates high support rigidity. While it is a compact body that fits in the palm, it is equipped with a drive gear that is even 1 size larger than before, improving the comfort and durability. The second generation, which adopted a new color with shine while matting (matte), has not only an appearance but also a model that fully appeals the function.

The self-weight which is worrisome is about the same 160 g as the first generation. Despite an increase in parts weight such as TWS and large diameter gears, despite the increase in parts, the same degree was maintained as a result of the review of each part material. Although he said that he also considered a challenge to the 130 g range, he pursued "the highest ease of use" and did not challenge unnecessary weight saving, a sense of rigidity, high durability and reliable texture .

As TWS 3rd generation, we have newly developed compact type turn around formula suitable for medium / small caliber spool. It greatly contributes to lightweight and compact reel body.

■ SV Concept An original material is placed in an induction rotor that jumps out at high rotation. When entering the magnetic field of the main body magnet part, the mechanism that exerts the braking power at the right place in the right material according to the lure.

■ G1 duralumin spool Ultra duralumin boasts 1.3 times the strength and magnesium twice the strength, realizing an overwhelming lightweight feeling if maintaining the same strength. Maintain strength by thinning without blanking.

■ G1 duralumin drive gear
DAIWA First adopted G1 duralumin as a gear to support spool technology of bait reel. Furthermore, it has drastically improved durability by having a larger caliber than STEEZ. A smooth winding comfort lasts longer.

■ High Precision Machine Cut Air Metal Housing By adopting air metal (magnesium alloy) for the main housing and making the set plate made of aluminum, lightweight and high rigidity is demonstrated to suppress blur and distortion. It is also directly connected to improvement of turning performance and winding performance.

■ Zero adjuster No longer the mechanical brake holds down the backlash of the spool, there is no need to adjust again. The optimum braking force for each lure used was possible only by adjusting the mug dial

■ High Grip I Shape Light Knob New Shape High Grip I Shape Light Knob. It was developed in search of a grip feeling which is extremely thin and sucks on fingers.

■ Gripping The form that narrows down the rear allows a firm grasping even with a small angler in the hand. The body which was made into a low profile more than the first generation fits any angler.

Winding Length per turn: 67cm

Gear Ratio: 6.3

Weight: 160g

Maximum Drag: 5kg

Spool Capacity: 14lb-90m

Spool Diameter: 34mm

Handle Length: 80mm

Ball Bearings: 12/1

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Daiwa Steez SV TW 1016SV-HL

Daiwa Steez SV TW 1016SV-HL

In 2016, after 10 years from the first generation, STEEZ finally enters the second generation.