**Todber Manor Fisheries COVID Update 23/5/20!!*


1. All the specimen lakes and Wadmill will need bookings. No one can turn up on the day without prior bookings! The coarse lakes (Ash, Homeground, Hill View and Whitepost do not need advanced bookings)

2. Please leave a minimum of one peg between you and a neighbouring angler on Ash, Homeground, Hill View and Whitepost.

3. The gate will currently be opened at 8am and will be closed at 9am. (No excuses)

4. All anglers can go straight to the lake they’ve booked. Please let us know when you have arrived so we can mark you off in our books so we know you’re here.

5. The shop is closed to public. We are encouraging all anglers to either order online or over the phone. We can then safely deliver your order down to the lake or leave it securely outside the shop.

6. Only one angler per swim, unless sharing a peg with a family member. No visitors.

7. The shower is out of action. The toilets are in use and there is now more portaloos situated at the lake, we advise everyone to bring their own toilet roll and hand sanitiser.

8. Please respect all other members of public and staff and stick to social distance guidelines.

9. No matches until further notice.

10. All other fishery rules remain in place.

11. Do not ask neighbouring anglers for fish pictures etc.

12. Do not turn up to the fishery if you have any symptoms of Covid 19.

13. Anyone found breaking any of the above rules will be made to leave.

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