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    Korda's range of Compac EVA luggage helps cut down your tackle, maximising your chances of a bite! Be ready to be on the move, whenever opportunity presents itself.

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    The Korda Compac Pocket has been designed to fit snugly within various Korda Compac luggage systems, adding an extra water resistant compartment for end tackle and much more! These water resistant wallet's are designed to enhance the organisational qualities of the Korda Compac system. Available in Small, Medium or Large.

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    If you’ve spent a lot of money on camera kit then you want to ensure that it stays in perfect condition when you take it fishing with you, but also that it remains portable and easily accessible when you need to use it.

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    For those of you who prefer to store your terminal tackle in our COMPAC Range of pouches and not a Tackle Box/Tackle Safe, the new COMPAC Organiser is the perfect solution as it will ensure you can find what you’re looking for, when you need it!

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