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Jag Products

Jag products are well known in the carp angling world and bring you the very highest quality products available. There awesome range of 316 Stainless and Black Prolite bankware are a firm favourite among many carp anglers. There Hook Files are the best on the market and don't forget great products like the Jag One Pult and the Lockdown rear rests. Whatever Jag product you are after you are sure to find it here at Todber Manor.

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The SP Vice has been purpose designed to aid precision hook sharpening. It allows for very secure clamping of any hook pattern and size. The SP Vice is totally unique because it has been designed with a large top surface to act as a guide/steady which enables perfectly honed faces of the hook point.

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One of the biggest edges in modern day carp angling is hook sharpening. There has however, always been a problem of the hook corroding or rusting, due to the the hard coating of the hook being removed. Many things have been tried in the past to prevent this, such as Vaseline, paint and markers. All have been unsuccessful, until now!

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Light Elastic (Green)   

Internal Diameter 1.6mm - Wall Thickness 1.19mm 

Medium Elastic (Black) 

Internal Diameter 1.6mm - Wall Thickness 1.6mm 

Heavy Elastic (Blue)

Internal Diameter 3.17mm - Wall Thickness 1.6mm 

Super Heavy Elastic)

Internal Diameter 4.77mm - Wall Thickness 1.6mm