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    The 10ft model has a 50g casting weight and comes supplied with 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz carbon tips. Gives you that extra power for fishing at at a medium distance. A great all-rounder, and excels when ledgering hybrid, method, pellet and bomb work.

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    The 9ft has a 40g casting weight, and is provided with 0.75oz, 1oz and 1.5oz carbon tips. Perfect for short range work, such as casting to islands. There is also plent yof backbone for tackling huge carp!

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    The 11ft, which comes supplied with 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz carbon tips and has a 60g casting weight. With a balanced setup, this can be whacked out at some distance!

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    Finally, there is the 12ft powerhouse! It has an 80g casting weight, and is supplied with 1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz carobn tips. The top end has plenty of cushion and action whilst preventing hook holds. Designed to control the biggest of commercial monsters!

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    The 10 footer is light, and well balanced and has a casting weight of 15g. There's plenty of backbone and is easy to handle at this length. The absorbing through-action is capable of taming all sizes of fish!

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    This float model is lightweight and ultra-slim and are designed for commercial match venues. Stylish, comfortable to handle and sure to be a great choice for many match fishermen!

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