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    These Banksticks come packed with useful features, including our new 'No Loss' Locking Lever & updated head for ease of grip. All this and they are still light weight!

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    JAG has developed the world’s most aggressive hard-ground auger. The Xcavator has been machined from 316 stainless steel to deliver an almost indestructible construction.

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    Features- Ground smashing 316 Stainless Xcavator point- Built in spirit level for perfectly vertical holes.- Suitable for any 1/2" (12.7mm) diameter banksticks.- 9” (225mm) long for compactness- Built in Tommy BarYet another JAG Product keeping you mobile!

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    The new JAG Self Take Stick may not be cheap but for those wanting to take the perfect self take shot without the bulk of a tripod then you wont get better than this

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    New and updated support for the 316 Stainless & Prolite Xcavators.

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    JAG Products have updated our Bank Stick Stabilisers!

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    Rear StageBite (The tall one)- StageBite 5.5” adjusting to 8”- StageBite inner with magnet holder for drive bit- 1x Torque drive bit- 2x SPAX torque screwsFront StageBite (The shorter one)- StageBite 4 1/8” adjusting to 6.5”- 1x SPAX torque screw- 1x standard Phillips if you don’t have JAG's rear StageBite.

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    What’s in the pack:MicroBite (The baby one)- StageBite 2” adjusting to 2 3/4”- 1x SPAX torque screw- 1x standard Phillips if you don’t have our rear StageBite.** Inners from original Stage Bites with Thumb Screws will NOT fit these models  **

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