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    Designed and dedicated to the needs of active carp anglers, the Fox EOS range has been created to bring stylish quality well within the reach of every angler.  A range with instant appeal, yet wholly practical, and packed with the resilience that the bankside life demands, EOS is the style that the social-ready angler needs in their carp fishing life. 

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    The Fox EOS 2 Man Bivvy gives you a completely weatherproof protection at a price you can afford, making it the perfect shelter for those new to overnighting.  Made to a two rib, pram hood design, braced with full frame support that will keep your bankside shelter strong and stable in the wildest of carp fishing weather, and ensure that you stay warm and...

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    Increase storage space, or extra warmth in winter with a twin layer. This addition greatly reduces condensation throughout your shelter.

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