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A range of tackle as used and recommended by TMLD team member Danny Parkins

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    In 2015, Airrus started developing some prototypes based on a new type of pre-preg with unusual characteristics. The tests showed surprising results in terms of blank lightness , torsional and compression resistance. The efficiency of this new type of material is based on its polyacrylonitrile resin that optimize the carbon fiber features.

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    With a sleek and aggressive appearance, the all-new Shimano Caenan casting reels feature a redesigned High Efficiency Gear (HEG) system delivering exceptional strength and rigidity for years of reliable fishing. The Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D) combined with a new Variable Brake System (VBS) provides outstanding casting performance with a wide range...

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    The Shimano Tranx is the next level in saltwater proofed baitcast reels. Featuring the coreprotect concept, meaning the Tranx range has greatly improved water resistance whilst maintaining a “free” feel when winding. Ideally suited to most baitcasting applications like soft-baiting, light-jigging and casting small and medium sized Shimano stick-baits. 

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    The number one choice of our professional tournament bass anglers and avid fishermen alike, the new Metanium MGL baitcasting reels are all about versatile performance and light weight. The new, Magnumlite Spool creates a very low moment of inertia, improving casting distance by 20%, while enhancing the light, smooth feel of turning the handle.

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    100% Fluorocarbon Invisibility in water without comparison Abrasion resistance never seen before Astonishing knot strength Incredibly supple giving the bait a natural movement 50m Spool

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    Made from 100% fluorocarbon this clear and hard line has maximum abrasion resistance, is durable. Fluorocarbon has a refraction index which is almost identical to water making it near invisible underwater and ideal for use when fishing clear water and for when fish are shy.

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    A quality Japanese 8 strand braid that is ideal for lure fishing fixed spool reels. The braid is fine, smooth and has a round profile which makes it leave the spool efficiently for better casting. The line is green with depth/distance indicators every 1 meter to make it easier to identify your depth or distance.

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    Zodias is built with the purpose to give you, the angler, a crisp and responsive rod that delivers incredible casting distance and accuracy. Utilizing our Shimano Hi-Power X construction, we are able to significantly reduce blank twist, allowing you to efficiently and easily transfer more energy through the rod. But we didn't stop with casting distance...

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    An ultralight rod designed for light game. While many rods focus on hooking, Slow Retrieve was designed with castability and lure control of the utmost concern to get the "bite", resulting in miraculous casting distance and lure control. Also the finest tip that is possible in tubular blanks picks up even the lightest bites, to give great hooking as well.

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    **Description To Be Edited (Google Translate)** Rock fish game which became the tackle subdivision and quality that is no longer required as bus. NORIES Ocean continuing to propose its game nature quickly, "ROCK FISH BOTTOM POWER OCEAN" releases and releases "ROCK FISH BOTTOM TR" in full model. As its name suggests, it boasts the quality to control the...

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    This is a spinnerbait trailer hook to be added to your favorite spinnerbaits, to make them more effective in the striking. During the retrieve the position of the hook point will be horizontal to the bottom to enhance hook-set rate. The Oval shape eye will prevent the hook from turning up side down. The 2 rubber stoppers will maintain the trailer hook...

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    The Hayabusa Power Stage Wide Gap Hooks are forged from strong wire to provide minimal flex and powerful hooksets. The hook’s wide gap and unique hook point angle combine to ensure deep hooking for fewer lost fish. High-grade hooks manufactured in Japan, the Hayabusa Power Stage Wide Gap Hooks also feature a patented Z-Crank offset to keep your baits in...

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    The Ned Rig has arrived! This innocuous bait has taken the USA by storm, when we first saw it we were very doubtful but after a summer of testing we are total converts – this bait is amazing, fish it with a ShroomZ jig head or similar and retrieve it slowly. You will not believe the results. If the UK embraces the Ned Rig like the States this will be...

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    Designed to be paired with the Finesse TRD, Finesse ShadZ, or Hula StickZ to create the perfect Ned Rig, the Finesse ShroomZ jighead sport a custom wire keeper welded onto the hook shank that not only makes rigging a breeze, but holds ElaZtech baits securely without the need for gluing.

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    Mimicking a variety of invertebrates that make up the bulk of a bass' diet, the 3" TRD HogZ™ is a ribbed, compact-profile creature bait designed to pair perfectly with Z-Man's Finesse ShroomZ™ and NedlockZ™ jigheads for Midwest finesse-style applications.

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    This reel is the lighest reel of all Shimano baitcasting reels, developed for casting light lures. Shimano have adopted a totally new spool design and braking system "FTB" for bait finese fishing. The gear ratio is 8:1 and the overall weight of the reel is a miniscule 130g!

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    Machine Cut Aluminum Knob S has been popular especially for trout fishing hole or fishing for horse mackerel and black rockfish. The Machine Cut Aluminum Knob Narrow is the lighter version, which is easier to hook your fingers.

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    ZPI Aluminum Knob series are gaining popularity among area trout and other fishing fans, and now introduce the bigger model. Machine Cut Alminum Knob Medium inherits narrow shape and has a larger diameter to support more powerful fishing!

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    It is designed to protect the reel from damage. Although it is made of aluminum alloy, it is an ultra-lightweight 2.7 grams! It is a lightweight model utilizing ZPI spool thin-wall processing technology. This is the lightest reel stand made by metal (as of January 2016), and the weight increase in the overall reel is minimized. It is a Shimano...

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    The trusted tool of the true angler, Costa’s Blackfin sunglasses bring serious clarity and comfort to a day fishing, whether it’s wrestling marlin in the deep sea, spinning up salmon the river’s current or fly casting for bonefish along the coast. 100% polarized, flexible and boasting a Hydrolite™ co-injected lining, these sunglasses are made for...

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