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    Nash exclusive camo mesh! The renowned short packdown Scope handle, arms and mesh, with a low profile machined and reinforced spigot spreader block assembly and now with a distinct Nash exclusive camo mesh.Slipping easily into the dedicated Scope Rod Skins the Scope Net is a must have for the focused, mobile carper.

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    Japanese Shrink Grip Upgraded for 2020 with a heavy duty high strength moulded block with stainless thread, the retracting Dwarf Net doubles as a great tool for baiting spoon work, weigh hooks or at reduced length is brilliant inside boats where longer handles become a liability. Extends 98-180cm

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    Poised & Ready To Scoop The Subterfuge Net Floats elastic loops secure net mesh away from brambles, boat rowlocks and other tricky obsticals, manining your net is always poised and ready to scoop when your next PB breaks the surface.The Subterfuge Net Float boasts a camo fnish neoprene, high buoyancy and is available in two sizes.

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    Key Features Dimensions Small: 48cm (l) x 41cm (w) x 43cm (d) Large: 69cm (l) x 60cm (w) x 70cm (d)

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