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    While fishing from a boat you need to manage a large amount of equipment in a small spaces.The  Tournanet is the answer to your needs. Extremely  light telescopic aluminum landing net with rubber mesh. It’s perfect for bass fishing tournaments and general boat fishing. Size: 48x45cm - Maximun Length 1,20mt

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    The bigger version of the Tournanet:  light, durable, practical and with the same high quality rubberized net. The handle, the head and the connector are made entirely of  resistant and light  aluminum, in order to withstand the weight of large fish. Size: 60x55cm - Maximun Length 90mt

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    The landing net that everyone would have: light but resistant, practical and manageable. The handle and the pear-shaped head are ​​entirely made of lightweight aluminum. The real innovation is the PVC net, designed to be the lightest and most hydrodynamics on the market.   

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    This PVC net has been designed with Trout fishing in mind but is suitable for a number of applications where small fish is the target. The adjustment in the handle from 81cm - 105cm makes it very versatile and it is easy to transport due to the clip on the handle which you can attach to a bag or belt.

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