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    Xitan Z14-1 Pushing the boundaries of pole design .... again. The Xitan Z12 pole set a new performance standard with its fine balance of rigidity, strength and weight, plus a host of totally unique features. Browning have continued to push the boundaries of pole design, and for 2015 we introduce a new pole that will again set the standard by which all...

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    The new Revolution Xtreme Margin is, as its name suggests, a high quality, strong, durable pole for margin and “short” fishing. The middle sections have increased wall strength and visible reinforcing, yet the pole is still “Xtremely” light.

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    A top-performance, good looking and superb quality 11 meter pole suitable for every style of fishing. Stiff and light, the Powerstar is ready-to-fish with 2 prebushed topkits and includes one of our innovative reversible Pole Protector sections as developed for our top-end Xitan poles.

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    This product marks the return of the classic put-in Black magic pole.This pole is made on the same mandrels as the originals and is perfect for long 'line to hand' fishing or someone who just wants a slim powerfull pole.

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    Top of the 2eX-S range, the 60#1 is designed to provide optimal balance between pole weight and strength so is perfect for all pole fishing styles, big fish or small. High quality carbon ensures the pole is light, stiff and strong all the way to 16 metres. 

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    Top performance and value at this popular price point. A careful mix of carbon grades has allowed us to keep the cost down, but very little has been sacrificed in keeping the pole light and stiff when compared to much more expensive poles, especially at lengths less than 16m.

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    An excellent value, very strong and reliable pole with many of the same advanced features found on the most expensive Browning poles. Will comfortably handle any type of pole fishing, for any type of fish, big or small.

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    The new Black Magic Gold is effectively a short top-end pole. It has been specifically designed for anglers who want a top quality, very light, slim and stiff pole - but do not want or need a very long pole for their fishing. The Gold is made of top quality carbon and built alongside, and to the same quality standards, as our most expensive Xitan poles.

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    The new Black Magic Slimlite shares the advanced features of the BM Gold pole, but at a lower cost. This is a strong, sturdy, but amazingly light pole, suitable for any type of fishing - and any sized fish. 

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    Silverlite Competition Poles for when ultimate performance is more important that ultimate strength. In recent years poles have needed to become increasingly strong to cope with the large fish now commonplace in most lakes and rivers. However, extra strength invariably means extra weight, therefore the latest generation of poles are also heavier than...

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    The ²eX-S margin pole is 8 metres of pure power and will allow you to fish for those huge margin fish with total confidence that whatever takes your bait your ²eX-Se will not let you down! Like the longer ²eX-S Ultracarp, this is a very strong pole that will easily handle the heaviest tackle. The middle sections are externally reinforced with an X weave...

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    The new Sphere Zero-G F1 plus is the lightest and stiffest pole that has ever been bought to the market. Each Sphere pole is hand made from the highest quality Japanese carbon, with grades carefully selected to provide the optimal balance between pole weight, stiffness and strength. The pole is both stiffer and significantly lighter than typical flagship...

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    The first generation Xitan Power Z8 was one of Browning’s best selling poles with a hard won reputation as a high performing, strong and very reliable “all rounder”. This theme has been developed further with the totally new Xitan Advance Z8-2. 

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    The totally new Xitan Z9-2 pole has been engineered using the very latest and highest grade carbons available to us. When combined with Browning’s long experience of pole design, these “state of the art” materials have allowed us to produce a truly “top-end” pole that is perfectly balanced and remarkably light in weight.

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