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    Super Strong, yet incredibly slim long top 2 power kit designed to fit both H1 Slim and Power 100 Margin Poles. They also feature a reinforced area that allows the fitting of side pulla bushes.

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    Few pole can have been more eagerly-awaited than the Airon F66 and the it most certainly walks the walk as well as talking the talk, bettering the preceding superb F44 model in spades to put it right up there with the best competition long poles for 2017.

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    The 10m Colmic Nucleare Carp 10m is a brilliant margin pole, the top kit and the next section down is off the top of the range F66 so is very light but extremely strong. It comes supplied with a mini extension.

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    Brand New for 2019! Stunning looks combined with the EC200S's immense strength, balance and stiffness makes this a must have for any F-66 owner! Sky Blue in colour so less visable when fishing shallow. Fearures a reinforced area to allow the fitting of a side puller. 2.9m in length 3.5mm internal tip diameter Fits all 'F' Series models

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    Colmic replacement for the highly successful H1 Slim pole. Now Constructed from High modulus U.L.A.F. Carbon and a new super slick finish means this pole is very light but also very tough. Designed for carp fishing this pole will handle any elastic and any sized fish! Super slim, only 34.5mm diameter at 10m!

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    Telescopic whip rods from Colmic, made of U.L.A.F. and PRO FORCE CARBON high modulus graphite. The ARROW X5 is a top quality rod in the “whip” series, medium stiff actioned featuring a spliced tip, thus rod series have been expressly developer for river fishing lovers demanding a top performing rod. Reliable, light and easily manoeuvrable is perfect for...

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    Brand New series of telescopic whips from Colmic, featuring ULAF carbon with a strengthening  spiral weave, making these ideal tools for serious bagging. Solid carbon tips as standard, with lots of power to lift fish from the water and swing them in. Available from 5 to 8 meters  at a very conpetitive price

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