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    Never one's to stand still, despite the popularity of Pulla Kits and Pulla Bungs, Preston Innovations are always looking for improvemen­ts. Hence the development of the ROLLER PULLA SYSTEM, a side entry PTFE bush which also features an integrated PTFE roller for ultra-smooth flow of elastic through your kit whilst playing fish.

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    Supplied at 13m the Pro Type 260 is stiff and strong, ideally suited to both commercial and silver fish applications. Supplied complete with three power kits which have a reinforced area to allow the fitting of a side Pulla or Roller Pulla system (not supplied), a re-enforced half butt and a Kup Kit with Kups it is the ideal choice for someone progressing...

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    At 14.5m the Pro Type 360 offers the length required to reach many far bank features on canals and commercial fisheries. Its stiff action and Easy Ship finish make it ideal for all types of angler and by aligning the arrows the very best action can be achieved. 

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    At a full 16m the Pro Type 460 offers many advantages normally seen on poles costing much more. Super stiff and with an exceptional spares package containing 4 power kits which have a reinforced area to allow the fitting of a side Pulla or Roller Pulla system (not supplied), one additional match kit, Kup Kit with Kups, half butt and a dedicated pole holdall.

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    Suitable for a variety of styles the Pro Type Power is immensely strong, making it the ideal choice for margin fishing and long line to hand fishing, its lightweight construction and quality finish make it easy to handle and the slim profile belies its strength. 

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    Made exclusively with 100% Torayca High Modulus Japanese Carbon Fibre the Response M90 sets a new precedent in high performance pole technology.    RRP - £2999.99 OUR PRICE - £2699.99

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    As strong as an ox and ultra-responsive, this beauty can be fished confidently at a full 8.5m! The top kits are fully interchangeable with others in the range, such as the M50, M70 or M90 making it an ideal second option for short range work. The optimum length power kits, which are 2.4m, are rated to a 20 elastic and come ‘pre-bushed’, whilst also fitted...

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