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At Todber Manor we stock a wide range of line & braid from Preston, Guru, Matrix, Drennan and Daiwa

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  • Brand: Garbolino
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Guru Pure Fluorocarbon.
This high spec fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in water, has excellent knot strength and an extremely low diameter. Use it for tying hook lengths or as a pole line to give your presentation the highest level of subtlety and finesse.

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A super high quality line, developed using the latest technology to be ultra low stretch and high performance. The line is a fine diameter to aid casting distance, but has exceptional strength. Natural green. 300m spool.

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A new lower diameter hooklength and rig material with high strength, low diameter. Ideal for use on natural venues, silverfish action, and winter F1 sport.

  • 0.08mm - 1lb / 0.45kg
  • 0.09mm - 1.5lb / 0.68kg
  • 0.10mm - 2lb / 0.90kg
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  • Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology
  • Low-stretch and high abrasion resistance
  • Coupled with great casting and sinking properties
  • Create the ultimate mono main line
  • Great for both feeder and waggler fishing
  • Pulse comes on 300m spools with a marker at 150m for accurate re-spooling
  • Available in 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb and 10lb
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A brand new additipon to our fantastic range of line! The New Super G Feeder Braid. This high quality, olive colour 8-strand round braid is super smooth and causes ‘no noise’ on the cast and winding in. This reduction in friction improves casting distance and more importantly and accuracy! Supple, extremely thin, strong and durable.

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Guru's super tough abrasion resistant Drag mono mainline is now available on a much larger 1000m spool. Giving enough line to comfortably load a few reels at once, instead of buying sperate spools for each of you reels. Firmly established as a mainline of choice for anglers tackling commercial venues and ideal for method fishing and pellet waggler work